Mike Swick Turns Investigative Reporter In Latest Blog

The UFC’s Mike Swick has arguably the most entertaining blog of any fighter in the sport, and after documenting his recent vacation in Thailand, and his visit to Dubai, the latest installment of his travels sees him in Africa.

While most people would probably stick to the safety of the recognized tourist destinations, Swick instead heads for downtown Djibouti to have a chat with the local drug dealers armed only with his video camera.

All seems OK at first as he learns more about the drug ‘Khat’ which is extremely popular in the region. Things start to become increasingly “sketchy” though as other people start to offer him, of all things, Osama Bin Laden merchandise, knives and then become increasingly aggressive, causing Swick to bid a hasty retreat.

It’s all in a days work for the fighter who is currently showing support for the troops on a military tour that’s already seen him take in seven countries in two weeks. He’s expected to arrive home sometime in mid-May.

On the evidence of this it’s safe to say that if the UFC’s proposed trip to Afghanistan ever becomes a reality then Swick will be at the head of what may well be a very short queue of fighters who would be willing to do it.


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