Mirko Cro Cop And Pat Barry Provide Laughs At Press Conference

They might be fighting each other in the octagon on Saturday night, but for the time being Mirko Cro Cop and Pat Barry were like a comedy double-act at the UFC 115 pre-fight press conference today.

Asked what it felt like to be fighting one of his childhood idols on Saturday night, Barry admitted that he was like a little kid up on the stage.

“I don’t know whether I have to use the bathroom or throw up sitting on the stage here right now. I’ve always been the guy behind the TV screen watching this and the fact that I’m even up here right now is still unbelievable. I’ve shaken my head a few times to see if I’m awake. This means everything I’ve been doing, all the sacrifices I made, all the childhood dreams of being a ninja every Halloween, it’s really coming true.”

He then confirmed that he still wanted to get his opponents autograph, but sheepishly admitted that he wasn’t sure when would be an appropriate time to ask him for it.

Cro Cop said he would be happy to give it to him, but added with a wry smile that he also hoped to give him a different kind of autograph on Saturday night.

Barry was later asked to describe what he’d do if he was to emerge victorious in the fight.

“If I beat Cro Cop on Saturday night, I’m going to go home and stare out the window for two years.”

Cro Cop followed up by joking that, “If I land a high kick Saturday night, Pat Barry might also stare two years out the window, with a nurse by him.”

It was noticeable during the media gathering that Cro Cop had some kind of a cut of scratch on his forehead that hadn’t been there the day before.

Asked by Ariel Helwani what had happened, Cro Cop made light of the situation, saying that it was “a delicate question” before implying that he’d had a few girls round to his hotel room last night for some “late night training.”

Helwani followed up by asking if he was OK or was hurt.

“I am, they aren’t,” Cro Cop joked, to widespread laughter from those in attendance.


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