Earlier today Shane Carwin announced that he was pulling out of his fight with Roy Nelson which was scheduled for the co-main event of UFC 125 on January 1st.

Now the scramble is on to find a replacement, and Mirko Cro Cop has thrown his hat in the ring as a possibility.

“I know nothing about it, this is the first I heard of it, but it would be an interesting fight for sure,” Cro Cop told Fighters Only earlier today.  “I think Roy’s style matches very well with mine, we could have a good fight. I didn’t hear anything from the UFC yet, but lets see if they call me.”

It should be noted that so far there’s no indication that Cro Cop is in line for the fight, and I’ve got to say I hope it stays that way.

UFC 125 needs a strong co-main event and to my mind this is not it.  Cro Cop’s last fight, headlining against Frank Mir at UFC 119 was nothing short of a disaster for the Croatian.  Not only did he fail to perform, he also ended the fight spreadeagled on the canvas after suffering a third round KO.

It’s not the first time Cro Cop has put on a sub-par performance in the octagon and given Dana White’s anger at the quality of that bout (he was so furious he refused to do post-fight interviews with the media) I doubt he’ll be in a hurry to book Cro Cop for another high profile fight so soon.  He’d have a hard time selling the event to fans if he did, with many already somewhat skeptical over the Edgar Vs Maynard main event.

I still think bringing in Frank Mir makes the most sense under the circumstances.  So far the former champion has stayed quite on the situation though.  Prior to UFC 121 last weekend he stated that he wanted to fight the loser of lesnar Vs Velasquez.