UFC 119’s main event between Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop was a strange affair all round from start to finish, but perhaps the oddest moment was when the two heavyweights started to have a conversation in the third round while pressed up against the cage.

It was difficult to hear exactly what was said at the time, but luckily Fighters Only were able to catch up with Cro Cop and find out.

CroCop: Let me go, lets go to the center and fight.

Mir: Let’s go to the mat.

CroCop: OK – if I’m on top.

Mir: We’ll stay in the clinch.”

It’s not the first time Cro Cop has passed the time of day with his opponent in the cage.  In fact he did the same thing in the second round of his last fight with Pat Barry while the two were on the ground.

Here’s Barry’s recollection of what was said on that occasion.

Cro Cop: What’s wrong with you?  Why did you stop fighting?

Barry: I broke my hand.

Cro Cop: Bullsh*t

BarryNo sir.  My hand is broken.  That hand is gone.”

When you add in the fact that Cro Cop was high-fiving and hugging Barry during their fight, and went to great lengths to sincerely apologize to Mir for an accidental groin strike at UFC 119 then you can’t help but feel that these days the Croatian would probably rather be having a cup of tea with his opponents rather than attempting to kick their heads of their shoulders.