Yesterday a report from stated that Croatian star Mirko Cro Cop was pulling out of his headline bout with Frank Mir at UFC 119 after suffering an eye injury in training.

Since then conflicting reports have emerged about the truth of the story.

A few hours after the initial story Dana White posted a denial on his twitter account, saying, “Cro cop is fine. Rumor is not true.”

Curiously Frank Mir’s wife Jennifer then posted a different version of events on her twitter account.

“The injury rumor is not false Frank got a call earlier today,” she stated.

So with confusion still surrounding the validity of the story who better than Cro Cop himself to clarify exactly what had happened.

“I got hit in the eye, but nothing scary,” Cro Cop tells  “This isn’t the first nor the last punch like that. It won’t stop me from traveling to fight, and to fight next Saturday against Frank Mir.”


Cro Cop has now elaborated further on the cause and extent of the injury in an interview with Fighters Only.

““It was the very last minute of the very last round of the very last sparring,” CroCop told Fighters Only staff writer John Joe O’Regan today. “We were sparring in UFC gloves and my sparring partner – who is about 120 kilos, Croatia’s best thai boxer – he poked me in the eye. The pain was like… I cant even describe it, the pain was so big I thought he had blinded me.

“Luckily there was a TV crew in the room and also some reporters from two websites. Frank Mir has talked this and that, maybe if nobody had seen this and there was no video, he would again be saying I am trying to make excuses. But no excuses, it is just bad luck. All I need now is for my plane to be hit by lightning tomorrow and crash into the Atlantic.

“I went to see a doctor and he advised that the eye should be rested minimum two weeks. But I have made a commitment to the UFC and a commitment to the fans, so there is no question of backing out of the fight. I do not want to let anyone down, I know they could not find a replacement for me at this short notice and many fans have already bought tickets for the show.”

To be honest this still sounds like a cause for concern with just a week to go before the fight.  Fingers crossed that the injury does heal quickly and there’s no complications in the coming week.