MMA Coach LLoyd Irvin May Have Foiled A Serial Killer

Yesterday we published an article titled ‘Outside The Cage: MMA Heroes And Villains‘.  Amongst the stories we featured in it was a 2008 case in which MMA coach Lloyd Irvin foiled an armed robbery attempt at his home.

Just hours after the article went live shocking new details on the case appeared in the media.

For those who are not familiar with the original story, Irvin had awoken in the early hours of the morning in October of that year to find two gunmen standing over him.  They demanded that he round up everyone else in the house, which included his wife, four year-old child and two family friends including UFC fighter Brandon Vera, and bring them to the master bedroom.

Once their the gunmen told them to lie face down on the floor. Fearing the worst Irvin pounced on one of the assailants, and, using techniques learned during his years of experience as an MMA coach and self-defense instructor for both the police and military, was able to disarm him and remove the ammo clip.

The two men fled the scene and it appeared that Irvin’s heroic actions had thwarted an armed robbery attempt.

Almost two years later however fresh details have emerged which reveals an even more sinister insight into the incident.

WUSA-9 news reports that one of the men believed to be responsible for the crime has now been arrested, and according to Prince George’s County Police Chief he is suspected of being a serial killer.

When the story first broke in 2008 Irvin’s actions met with a mixed response. Some questioned whether he had done the right thing by putting himself and his family at risk by confronting his attackers, while others questioned whether the incident had happened at all.

On reflection now it appears that Irvin’s instincts were correct, and may have prevented a tragedy from occurring that night.

Check out a video of the news story featuring an interview with Irvin and his wife below.

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