MMA Judges To Be Allowed Monitors At UFC 131

As the sport of MMA continues to grow one thing that many people agree on is that the standard of judging is all too often sub-par.

Taking that on-board the UFC have attempted to break new ground by requesting that judges be allowed to use monitors to aid their decision-making at next months UFC 131 event in Vancouver.

The motion has been approved, making this the first ever UFC event to incorporate this technology. Up until now judges had to make do with viewing the action from a seated position outside of the Octagon with both the cage and their viewing angle restricting how much of the action they could take in which has lead to many onlookers questioning their ability to carry out their job to the best of their ability.

“Anything we can do to give the judges another tool is great,” the UFC’s vice president of regulatory affairs Mark Ratner, tells “We’re very excited about it.”

While this is undoubtedly an encouraging step, and hopefully one that is also adopted for future events, it’s unlikely to stop controversial judging decisions altogether.

The main concern is the competency of many of the judges chosen to rule over the fights. Many of the current officials derive from a boxing background and therefore lack the fundamental knowledge of other aspects of MMA such as wrestling and jiu-jitsu to make an informed assessment of who has won a fight, and until that problem is addressed by the governing bodies this is going to remain a thorn in the sports side.

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