MMA Star Wanderlei Silva Discusses His Past, Present And Future

There is a new in-depth interview with Wanderlei Silva available to read at in which the fighter discusses his career to date.  As always Silva is open and sincere and gives some interesting insights into his past.   Here’s a few quotes to whet your appetite:

On the old IVC Fights in Brazil:

“At that time, we didn’t have Pride, and UFC wasn’t as big as it is today. That was crazy, one 30-minute round. … I didn’t kick my opponent’s balls because I didn’t want to, but they allowed that.”

On revered Brazilian fighter Pelé:

“Pelé also inspired me. He was the baddest man I every met. I never met a guy as bad as he is. We had no way of training with him. He beat you up in training and didn’t care.”

On his current career:

“I have a lot of other business, but what I do is fighting. I love to fight. That adrenaline that you feel when you’re going to fight is unique. Fighting is in my blood. Of course I also do it for the money — it’s my job — but thank God (that’s) not the most important thing today. I do it to make MMA bigger around the world.”

Read the full interview HERE

If you want to know more about what Silva is currently up to then you might want to check out his new series of video blogs.  The first three episodes can be viewed below:

Blog 1:

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