MMA Stars React To Fedor Emelianenko’s Defeat

MMA stars have been reacting to one of the biggest upsets in combat sports history after Fedor lost to Fabricio Werdum.

Check below for a selection of them, mainly taken from fighter’s twitter accounts in the aftermath of the moment many thought we might never see.

Fabricio Werdum:  “I won this fight but Fedor is still the best.”

Alistair Overeem: “I didn’t expect it.”

Shane Carwin: “This is what MMA is all about.  Expect the unexpected.”

King Mo: “The internet just blew up. Lol. I told Yall werdum would win!”

Jon Fitch: “I think the mma hard core fans all just sh*t there pants”

Roy Nelson: “Just saw history, this is why u should watch all MMA fights no matter what organization it is to support us.”

Ben Saunders: “Wow… I wonder where that ranks Werdum in the rankings now. Just goes to show how anything can happen on any given night in this sport. :)”

Miguel Torres: “Everyone is human. Fedor is still the man, but now he feels the cold chill of his humanity. If it bleeds… we can kill it.”

Kenny Florian: “Fedor is still greatest heavyweight of all time but sport is so new & changing so fast as I mentioned b4. So easy to get left behind in MMA.”

Shogun Rua: “Congratulations to my friend Fabricio Werdum for his awesome win tonight! Great job!”

Dana White: : D

Evgeni Kogan (M-1 Global): “And all the pressure is suddenly gone. For good.”

Fedor Emelianenko: “The one who doesn’t fall, doesn’t stand up.”

(Check back for further reactions later)


  1. the best comment came from the legend himself. if there is something that is perfect, Fedor is the closest a human being & as a fighter.


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