More Fighter Injury Rumors Ahead Of UFC 110

Yesterday the UFC 110 card was weakened after Ben Rothwell pulled out due to an unspecified illness, and Elvis Sinosic withdrew from his bout due to an injured shoulder.

Today rumors have been circulating that two other main card fighters may be suffering from injuries, but will still compete in the event.

According to Croatian site, Mirko Cro Cop received a cut while sparring for his fight this week which required stitches. Despite that the fighter has apparently stated that he will still compete in the event rather than let all his hard work and training go to waste.

It’s a risky decision for the veteran as the cut could easily be re-opened during the fight, and a stoppage for that reason would be disastrous for the Croatian as he attempts to prove he still has what it takes in the octagon.

Meanwhile respected betting pundit Joey Oddessa, who is often privy to insider information in the lead up to fights, stated on the Sherdog Radio Network this evening that Cain Velasquez may be suffering from a neck injury.

Despite that there has been no word from the Velasquez camp on the matter, and he is still expected to fight in the main event.

If he is carrying an underlying injury however, then that could have a significant influence on the bout as anything less than 100% may not be good enough against an opponent of Antonio Nogueira’s caliber.

It is important to stress that these are both unconfirmed rumors, so take them for what they are worth.

UPDATE: (20/02/2010)

On some forums it has been reported that Joey Oddessa told ESPN Radio that he dropped the betting line for the Velasquez fight as he believed that Cain was not going to pass a medical.

Please note that this information did not come from our site.  Our report only stems from what was said on the Sherdog’s ‘Roundtable’ show, as can be seen above.  Instead we believe that the additional rumor originates from the UFC’s forum where someone tried to exaggerate Odessa’s comments with false information.

I’ve clarified this matter on the UFC forum, but if someone with an account on the UG board can pass along this information in the thread named ‘Cain has injured his neck?’ I’d very much appreciate it. (I’d do it myself rather than writing about it on here, but alas I’m still waiting for the account which I set up today to be verified!)

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