Following the formal UFC 123 pre-fight press conference Dana White sat down with a selection of the media for an informal chat about a range of topics.

Dana says he believes that Rampage Jackson will no longer be trying to juggle a movie career and his fighting career simultaneously as it’s just to difficult and time consuming. That’s not to say he won’t act anymore, but rather he expects him to try to keep more distance between the two so that he doesn’t go straight from one to the other.

He also says that for Rampage the money is in the fight business, you don’t make money in the movies, “unless your Clooney.”

As far as Tito Ortiz goes, White admits he thought he was going to cut him, but after speaking with the former champion he decided to give him one last chance.

Dana says he’s happy that Chuck Liddell has announced he’s engaged to Heidi Northcott. “Since he’s been with her he’s always been in shape, he’s eating right, he’s hiking and sh*t! I like it.”

Despite that he still has no desire to see The Iceman compete again.

The coaches for the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter has been a topic of interest lately, but despite many people tipping WEC star Urijah Faber as the man for the job White admits he hasn’t even had time to think about it yet.

White also talks about Matt Hughes and says he’s convinced that the former champion has trained hard for this fight and that he can bag himself another win inside the octagon.

Finally the UFC president predicts that Rampage Jackson may try to take down Machida to throw off his gameplan. He also says that the KO the Brazilian suffered in his last fight shows he can be beaten, and Rampage has the skill-set to test him.

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