Nam Phan Gains Revenge Against Leonard Garcia In UFC 136 War

Nam Phan gained revenge over Leonard Garcia tonight in an all-out war at UFC 136 that had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The opening round was big for Phan as he took the fight to Garcia and repeatedly found a home for his punches.

Garcia was fighting a little more disciplined and less reckless than we are used to, but Phan’s timing, movement and speed were still getting the better of him, and he appeared to be throwing with a little more power than we’re used to seeing from him.

In round two Garcia was starting to tire and that resulted in him beginning to lose his composure and throw wild and sloppy.

That only played into Phan’s hands even more as those telegraphed strikes were easy to avoid, and meanwhile he was still working his crisp, technical boxing combinations that were landing hurtfully to the body and bloodying up his face.

After a talking too from his corner Garcia came out with less of the one-shot haymakers and more combinations of punches and kicks. It quickly paid dividends when a powerful left hook dropped Phan to the canvas, though he quickly got back up.

Smelling blood Garcia went into beserker mode, winging enormous punches at Phan, but he was getting reckless again in his desire to finish the fight and many of the blows were missing their target.

Phan gains his bearings once more and resets, going for a takedown though he’s unable to do much from inside Garcia’s guard and they are stood back up again.

From their the two continue to exchange blows with Phan’s clinical striking paying greater dividends while a dead-tired Garcia swings for the big home-run hit.

The fight ends with the two slugging it out toe-to-toe and the crowd roar their approval when the final bell sounds.

Despite his late rally Phan clearly won the first two rounds and so won the bout 29-28 on all three judges scorecards.

Overall this was a pretty raw, but undeniably entertaining bout that’s surely going to pick up ‘Fight Of The Night’ honors.


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