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Nate Diaz Mulling Over A Move To The Welterweight Division

After his split decision loss to Gray Maynard last night Nate Diaz posted his thoughts on the fight, and his future, on the graciefighter website.

“I fought like garbage and I’m sorry to my fans for my performance. I was hesitant about throwing hard punches because I kept thinking he was going to go for a takedown. It looked like I was knocked down in the second but actually he stepped on my foot and when I tried to back out I slipped. I really don’t think I’m going to stay at 155lbs. I don’t make enough money to have to drop this much weight so I’d like to fight at 170 and only go to 55’s every once in awhile. You know if you look at his face compared to mine right now you’d think there was no way he beat me in a fight but I’ve never been too popular with the judges.” -Nathan

Having now lost two of his last three fights in the lightweight division, taking his octagon record to 6-3, it’s not surprising that Diaz is looking for a way to change things up, and hopefully re-energize his career.

Currently 24, and standing 6ft tall, there’s been a feeling for a while now that Diaz would eventually make the move up to the 170lb weight class.  Whether it would prove to be a successful move is debatable.

I feel it’s a risky strategy.  Though he has struggled to make headway in the upper reaches of the lightweight division he has always remained competitive.  It’s also worth remembering that between 2007-2008 he went five fights unbeaten.  Beyond that he’s also collected an impressive collection of awards, including three ‘Fight Of The Night’ awards and two ‘Submission Of The Night’s’.

Overall it’s been a good run for the former TUF winner and I wonder whether he can really have that level of success at 170lbs.

Wrestlers like Maynard and Guida have already outmuscled Diaz at 155lbs, and there are only going to be bigger specimens at welterweight who you would expect to do likewise.  Add to that a number of dangerous strikers, and it leaves some serious question marks over the move.

Despite the concerns one thing one know for sure is that Diaz is not the sort of fighter that is going to lose any sleep over it, and if he’s decided he wants to do it then it’s unlikely anyone will be able to change his mind.

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