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NBA Superstar Shaq O’Neal Calls Out MMA’s Hong Man Choi

Boxer James Toney may have been handily defeated in his MMA debut last night by Randy Couture, but apparently that’s not going to deter other superstar athletes from throwing their hat into the cage.

NBA legend and long time MMA fan Shaq O’Neal has talked about stepping into the cage for some time now, and on ESPN last night he called out Korean giant Hong Man Choi.

“I would like to fight one guy, I would like to tell him, ‘pick on someone your own size.’ And that guy would be Hong Man Choi out of Korea,” Shaq announced.

It seems that Shaq, who’s now 38 years old, doesn’t intend on having a long MMA career though.

“That would be my one and only fight. At 38 it probably wouldn’t be advantageous for me to get in there with these young animals, because that’s what they are!”

There’s no doubt Shaq sizes up well with Choi, with the basketball superstar measuring 7 Ft 1″, just one inch short of the Korean, while he weighs 325lbs compared to the MMA fighter’s 352lbs.

If it happens this would be the ultimate freak show fight, and while there’s no chance of it taking place in the UFC, it’s just the kind of fight that Japanese promotion DREAM specialize in. In fact last year they put Choi up against controversial baseball star Jose Conseco who was quickly dispatched after just 77 seconds.

Watch Shaq making the announcement below.

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