New BJ Penn And Diego Sanchez Interviews

The UFC 107 open workouts took place today, giving the press a chance to view the fighters training and get an opportunity to talk to them about their upcoming bouts.

As always mma.fanhouse reporter Ariel Helwani was there, and get the chance to speak to both BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez who will headline the show on Saturday night.

BJ Penn:

Key Quote:

“He’s underestimating me, and the more someone underestimates you going into a fight, the better it’s going to be for you all around.”

Diego Sanchez:

Key Quote:

“I’m not going to be scared, I’m going to risk it all. I’m gonna go in there and put it all on the line.”

PS. Make sure to watch the end of the clip when Ariel asks Diego if he’ll do one of his now infamous “Yes!” Cartwheels. His reaction, and the uncomfortable silence afterwards, is hilarious.

(if you’ve no idea what the cartwheel is, don’t worry, I’m including a clip of it from the UFC 107 countdown show below)

The Infamous Diego Sanchez ‘Yes!’ cartwheel…


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