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New Brock Lesnar Interview At The Arnolds

Since he announced that he had been given a clean bill of health and was set to return to fighting we haven’t seen or heard to much of the UFC’s heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, but he did find time for a quick interview at the recent Arnolds expo.

Speaking to, Lesnar seemed in good health and hood spirits as he described how he is feeling now that he is free of his troubles with the Diverticulitis disease.

“I’m just excited to be healthy and be standing here, you know? I went through some crazy stuff with my intestines, and we’re over that now and I’m just moving forward.”

Lesnar went on to describe how he has built his training regime back up since being given the all-clear to return to training.

“I’m working myself back up to the place where I need to be. Obviously after going through something that I did I couldn’t jump back in and expect to be where I was. I’m back, i’m 280lbs again, stronger and faster I believe than I was before.”

As for when he will be fighting again, Lesnar states that he expects to be back in the octagon “in mid-summer.”

It’s good to see Lesnar looking healthy and relaxed, and hopefully when he does finally make his return to the UFC we will still be the same fighter he was before.

Meanwhile his opponent for his comeback fight will be established later this month at UFC 111 when Frank Mir and Shane Carwin face-off for the interim title in New Jersey.

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