Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar on the set of The Ultimate Fighter 13 in Las Vegas as a coach opposite Junior Dos Santos, and yesterday he took time to sit down with the press to discuss his decision to appear on the show, and talk about his future.

Check out what he had to say below.

On his relationship with WWE’s ‘The Undertaker’:

“This guy (The Undertaker) shows up every time I seem to lose – he’s like my black cloud (laughs). I dunno…we’ve got some history, you know. I worked with him, but I don’t really care for him.”

On spending six weeks away from home to coach on TUF:

“It’s 30 below zero in Alexandria right now. I’d had enough of ice fishing and trouncing around in the snow. My wife had had enough too so, Dana did all the right things for us to be here, and Spike. You know, is Las Vegas the place I’d want to be – no, there’s other warmer places I can think of, but it’s not painful…at last it hasn’t been yet, talk to me in fice weeks, but right now it’s pretty accomodating.”

On what he feels he brings to the table as a coach:

“In my mind I’ve been competing all my life. I’ve got a great coaching staff, guys that have been coaching top fighters, top wrestlers…I think we’re well capable of coaching under-qualified guys to become the next Ultimate Fighter. I’ve got faith in my people. These guys made me a champion, why can’t we make these young, eager kids successful. I think we can.”

On what his goals are for his time on TUF:

“I have one thing in my mind for this whole thing, which is to help these kids and to improve their lives,” Lesnar said. “More importantly, it’s an opportunity for me to get down here and train and it’s an opportunity for me to get my title back sooner rather than later. When I beat dos Santos, then I get a rematch with Velasquez and I get my (expletive) belt back. That’s the way I’m looking at this.”

On His previous loss to Cain Velasquez:

“I got knocked on queer street somewhere in their. I haven’t watched the fight even. We’ll go back, and when the time is right we’ll analyse where it went wrong. When you’re fighting at this level – Cain Velasquez is a professional athlete, I’m a professional athlete – We’re at the pinnacle of the sport. It’s a matter of inches.”

On The TUF experience so far:

“I am [excited]. Yesterday was pretty cool, getting to pick our teams and, yeah, it’s kind of like being back in the wrestling room again. These kids are young and eager, they’re just like, eyeballs are this big and they are just excited to be here. The atmosphere is good.”

On Junior Dos Santos:

“Junior Dos Santos is a roadblock in my way for me getting my title back, and that’s it. I ain’t got no beef against Junior, he’s a nice kid. He’s just in my way, and I’m going to do what I can to get out of my way. I’m not here to stir any sh*t up, I don’t need to do that. I ain’t a mindf*cker, I’m an ass-kicker.”

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