New Dan Henderson Interview And Video Blog

There’s now less than two weeks until Dan Henderson makes his long-awaited Strikeforce debut in a middleweight title fight with Jake Shields.

It’s been almost nine months since his last fight, a memorable win over Michael Bisping at UFC 100, and the former PRIDE champion admits the long layoff does have it’s disadvantages.

“Getting back in shape is a little tougher sometimes, especially [as I’m] getting up there in age,” he tells interviewer Jeff Dotseth.

That’s not surprising to hear given that Henderson turns 40 in August of this year, but it’ll be interesting to see if it does have any impact on his cardio on the night.

I don’t expect it to, but if there are any issues then they will become apparent in a five round fight. Henderson has proven to be one of the most durable fighters in the sport over the past 13 years though, and has shown little sign of age catching up with him in his recent fights.

His experience should also help see him through as he’s been in many high profile title fights during his career, and having went the full 25 minutes with Quinton Jackson for the UFC’s light-heavyweight title at UFC 75 in 2007, he’ll know what it takes to get in shape for this bout.

Watch Henderson’s latest interview and a new video blog for CBS below…

Dan Henderson Interview:

Dan Henderson Video Blog:


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