Following a press conference in New York yesterday MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani grabbed Dana White for a quick chat about some pressing matters in the UFC at this moment in time.

Check out the video and keynotes from their conversation below.

– Dana says he feels good about the chances of MMA being legalized in New York this year.

– The UFC president denies reports that Brock Lesnar will still make an appearance at Wrestlemania. “It’s not true,” he says.

– He admits he’s not overly familiar with Jacob Volkmann’s recent controversial comments about President Obama, but says it’s not the kind of thing the UFC would discipline him for.

– On Chael Sonnen, White says that he has to get his life in order and get through his sentencing for mortgage fraud in March before thinking about fighting again. For the time being he’s out indefinitely.

Watch the full interview below…