New Dana White Interview: Confirms Houston Alexander Has Been Released From The UFC

In news that is unlikely to shock many of you, Dana White today confirmed to Ariel Helwani that Houston Alexander has been cut from the UFC’s roster.

Here’s what Dana had to say when asked what he thought about the first round of the fight, the majority of which Alexander spent aimlessly circling round the cage.

“Whoever came up with the gameplan for Houston Alexander deserves to be kicked in the nuts for 5 minutes.  I don’t know if his coaches came up with that or whatever, but not only did they give him completely the wrong gameplan, but they completely destroyed everything about Houston Alexander.”

White also admitted that he “wanted to get up and leave,” and that “it was making me sick,” as he watched the early minutes of the round unfold in which neither fighter appeared willing to engage.

Dana White also discussed various other matters in the interview, here are a few of the more interesting quotes.

On BJ Penn: “After I saw that countdown show – the training that he did on that – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody in MMA train like that, or train as hard and go at it like he has.”

On Frank Mir: “He’s talking some crazy, crazy sh*t.  He’s acting like he just came off a win over Brock Lesnar.”

On Roy Nelson: “Roy Nelson has shut me up.  I mean there’s nothing else I can say.”

He also states that Renzo Gracie Vs Matt Hughes will take place in 2010, and admits that he hopes that Chuck Liddell’s fight with Tito Ortiz will be his last.

Watch the full interview with Dana below.


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