New Dana White Post UFC 105 Interview Discussing The Event And Brock Lesnars Condition

In the aftermatch of UFC 105 a number of major talking points emerged such as the GSP Vs Dan Hardy title fight, the controversy over the Randy Couture Brandon Vera decision and of course the news that Brock Lesnar has a serious health issue.

One man who everyone has been waiting to hear from on these matters is Dana White, and he speaks out in a video interview with recorded on Saturday night following the event.

Interestingly White revealed that he scored the Couture – Vera match 2 rounds to 1 for ‘The Natural,’ though he admits that both Lorenzo Fertitta and matchmaker Joe Silva scored it 2-1 for Vera.

As for Dan Hardy, White said that he was impressed by his performance, though he did point out that, “he should have finished that fight three or four times.” As for his chances in the title fight, White admitted that, “he’s going to have his hands full with Georges St. Pierre.”

While suggesting that St. Pierre would have the advantage in the wrestling department he did however point out that GSP is not unbeatable.

“If I’m gonna breakdown a weakness in Georges St. Pierre, I would still say his hands,” he said.

He also briefly discussed Brock Lesnar’s situation, stating that “he’s in serious, serious rough shape.”

Watch the full interview at


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