New Interview With Lyoto Machida’s Father

Lyoto Machida’s father Yoshizo has been speaking to as his son awaits word on who his next opponent will be and when he will next return to the octagon.

Regarding his son’s first loss as a professional fighter against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at UFC 113, Yoshizo states his belief that, “the pressure got to his head.”

“It’s difficult to make a career of winning all the time,” he muses.

Later in the interview Yoshizo admits that after seeing Lyoto knocked out for the first time in his career that he’d prefer him to retire.

“I already said that he better not fight anymore, but I didn’t say it to him.  I have expressed this desire just to my wife and his brothers.  He doesn’t want to (retire) and says that he still has many challenges .”

He goes on to reveal that the former light-heavyweight champions aim is to continue fighting until he is 35 (he is currently 32).

Machida is currently training extensively with his Black House team-mate Anderson Silva and has said he want’s a tough fight for his return to the cage later this year.

Watch the full interview with Yoshizo Machida below.


  1. Try telling that to the ever green Couture aged 46. “The Natural” is still winning battles and doesn’t look like slowing down! They will have to give him the new nick name “The Spartan”. Retiring age in the Spartan front line elite was 50 something! A man of Lyoto’s skill (who hardly gets hit) should be competetive well into middle age. No sorry but age has very little to do with it, but the human spirit as Yoshizo Machida said is the core of what your made of. I’d like to see Machida win back the title hold it for a good year THEN retire. Nothing else to prove.


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