New Interview With Tito Ortiz Discussing His Upcoming Fight At UFC 106

With Forrest Griffin having earlier today given his thoughts on the upcoming rematch at UFC 106, it’s inevitable that Tito Ortiz also weighed in with his opinion as well.

Currently training at his usual spot – his own Big Bear Lake training facility in California, Ortiz admits to MMA Connected that he has had a few alterations to make his to his game-plan due to a recent switch in opponents.

“I had all wrestling partners up here, and I was getting ready for Mark Coleman,” he says with a wry smile on his face. “The whole game-plan went out the window. Now I’m facing Forrest Griffin – great cardio, good stand-up.”

“He’s coming off a loss, I’m coming off a loss. Two former light heavyweight world champions so this is what makes it an exciting fight, but I’m going to be ready man.”

As for the fight being moved to Main Event status due to the postponement of Lesnar Vs Carwin, Ortiz feels that it may give him an advantage on the night.

“I think I’ve fought about eleven fights as main event and that’s my home, it’s comfortable for me. So let’s see if Forrest can handle the pressure.”

Watch the whole interview, which includes his thoughts on the much discussed Machida Vs Shogun decision, in the video below:


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