New Kimbo Slice And Houston Alexander Interviews

On Saturday night Kimbo Slice will do something that many people would have thought unthinkable just one year ago – step into the UFC octagon for his official debut in the organization.

Despite losing to eventual finalist Roy Nelson early in the TUF show, Kimbo’s presence on the show made it the most viewed season ever, and that, combined with his humble attitude have apparently convinced Dana White to allow him to fight for the promotion.

For his first fight they have matched him with another renowned striker from the UFC’s roster, Houston Alexander, in what will be a 215lb catchweight bout.

Speaking ahead of the fight Kimbo Slice states his belief that this will be the kind of stand-up fight that he is known to relish.

“Everybody knows what my stronghold is,” says Kimbo, clenching his fist. “Somebody’s getting knocked out.”

It is interesting to note however that Houston Alexander hints that things might not go exactly as people are expecting.

“If you, the audience, are thinking it’s just going to be an all-out brawl…you know, I honestly think it’s not going to be that way. I think it’s going to be planned out. Both camps are going to come in with a gameplan.”

Is the heavy-handed striker planning to take Kimbo to the ground?

Watch the interview and judge for yourself below.

The UFC have also posted another video with comments from both fighters as well as the thoughts of Dana White on this potentially explosive encounter.  Watch it below…


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