New Strikeforce Trailers: Fedor Vs Werdum and Lawler Vs Sobral

It’s a busy month for the Strikeforce promotion with two major events set to take place within a 10 days period, and new video trailers have been released for both shows.

With Bobby Lashley out injured, the Strikeforce: LA trailer focuses solely on the headline clash between Robbie Lawler and Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral.

Meanwhile it’s interesting to note that on the Strikeforce: Fedor Vs Werdum event, Fabricio Werdum barely gets a mention. Instead the promotion are going with the angle that they have the most dominant male (Fedor) and female (‘Cyborg’ Santos) fighters competing on the same event.

It’s a nice concept, though it does seem to be getting used to gloss over the fact that neither is fighting an opponent that’s going to capture people’s imagination.

Check out both trailers for yourselves below:

Strikeforce: Lawler Vs Sobral:

Strikeforce: Fedor Vs Werdum:


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