New Strikeforce TV Deals For The UK, Italy, Australia And More

In October of last year it was announced that Strikeforce had signed a deal with distributor Shine International to sell their entire television library to international markets.

The benefits of that deal are now becoming apparent with the news that Bravo in the UK, Turner in Latin America, FX in Portugal, Megasport in the Ukraine, Dahlia TV in Italy, and finally the Seven Network in Australia have all purchased Strikeforce’s library of programming.

So what exactly is included in the deal?

According to Shine International, the Strikeforce television library contains 30x30minute episodes of previously recorded fights (edited) along with more than 56 hours of fights that have aired on Showtime.  The deal also includes the promotions forthcoming live Strikeforce and Strikeforce challenger events, of which there are expected to be 16 in 2010-2011.


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