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New UFC 124 Promo Starring Georges St.Pierre

Affliction have shot a new promo for UFC 124 with Georges St.Pierre in which the welterweight champion talks about his training, and his upcoming fight with his TUF 12 rival Josh Koscheck.

“I do a lot of Olympic lifting and gymnastics,” GSP says of his training. “I’m built really in fast twitch muscles, I’m a very explosive guy. For me, when I go into bed at night, I know that I’m a better fighter than when I woke up in the morning.”

GSP also reflects on the first time he was ever beaten, and reveals what he learned from the experience.

“My first loss against Matt Hughes, it taught me really that everyone is human. It’s not always the best team that wins the game in baseball, in football, it’s the team that plays the best the night of the game. It’s the same in fighting – it’s not always the best fighter, it’s who fights the best. No matter how people tell you how great you are and everything, you always have one mistake to lose everything.”

He then ends the video by stating that the physical restraint he showed while under verbal attack from Koscheck during TUF 12 will be thrown away when he steps into the octagon with him on Saturday night.

“Koscheck been running his mouth a lot you know, and I never said nothing back, but I plan to answer back with my fists in December.”

Check out the video below.

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