With a little less than a month to go before the highly anticipated ‘UFC On FOX’ heavyweight title fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos the network have rolled out a new trailer which aired during a recent MLB game.

So far FOX have done well with their promo spots for their new sporting acquisition, but I’m afraid on this occasion they’ve dropped the ball.

The trailer is horribly cliched in every way and forces the fighters into doing things their clearly not comfortable with which makes certain moments cringeworthy to watch.

C’mon FOX, you can do better than this. Surely you can do better than having the two best heavyweight fighters on the planet shadow-boxing with some flame-FX added in the background. There’s guys on YouTube doing more innovative promos than this.

The only part I do like is the very end where it cuts to a different and far classier promo which mentions the UFC alongside FOX’s other major sporting properties like the NFL, MLB and Nascar.

Check it out for yourselves below.