New UFC Undisputed 2010 In-Depth Preview Video

We’re now only two months away from the 2010 edition of THQ’s UFC Undisputed game, and in a new in-depth discussion with Gamespot, producer Nevin Dravinski has been revealing some of the new features you will find in the game.

We’ve discussed some of these features before (though not seen them in action) so instead of going over new ground here’s a few extra things we noticed that are also new…

  • The menu system looks much improved. Adding sponsors to your fighters shorts, etc was tedious last year but it looks much quicker and more hands-on this time round.
  • The system for selecting different moves for your fighter looks like an interesting addition to the game and should help people to create a unique style for your character.
  • In the training mode it looks like you get the chance to hit pads amongst other things.
  • It looks like there’s quite a few new cut-scenes in-between fights which should help to liven up the career-mode.
  • There’s more options to influence the decisions made by your fighter – such as building up rivalries with your opponents.
  • There’s some new presentation features in the build-up to fights, including being able to watch the fighter weigh-ins.

Watch the full preview below, as well as footage of Dana White and Chuck Liddell getting a shot at the new game (they are both terrible!).

(If the video doesn’t work then click here to watch it on Gamespot).


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