MMA took a major step forward to being legalized in New York today after the state’s senate passed a bill to sanction the sport.

The bill was put forward by Senator Joseph Griffo on the floor of the senate today, and resulted in a 42-18 ruling in favor of the motion.

While this is a huge step for the sport it should be noted that the bill now has to get over one final hurdle when it goes to the New York State Assembly for approval. It could meet with some tough opposition there, with Assemblyman Bob Reilly in particular being a vocal detractor to having MMA legalized in the state.

In fact the State Assembly has turned down the issue in the past, so there’s still cause for caution here, but even UFC president Dana White couldn’t hide his excitement after hearing the news.

“It passed 42 to 18!!!!! FINALLY!!! NY!!!!” White posted on Twitter.