Nick Diaz And Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Trade Verbal Blows

Back in April Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and Nick Diaz were singled out by many people as the two main instigators of the now infamous Strikeforce: Nashville brawl.

Since then there have been constant rumors that the two would meet again in a sanctioned bout in the Strikeforce cage to resolve their differences, and in the last few days the rivalry between the two has intensified.

During an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week Mayhem said that he wanted to fight Diaz, and in a special hour long interview with Michael Schiavello which is set to air on HDNet later this week he confirms that’s the case, stating, “I want to kick his face in…legally,” and denounced what he called Diaz “thug mentality.”

Watch a clip from that interview below.
Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller

After seeing the clip himself Diaz responded with a video blog of his own in which he claims the brawl was all Mayhem’s fault, saying, “You charged my whole team, so you got your ass whooped. That’s what you get.”

Diaz also appeared to be less than impressed with the way the star of MTV’s ‘Bully Beatdown’ show acts outside of the cage.

“You just run around and you market yourself. You paint your hair, you got that sh*t stripe down the middle of your forehead. …You have a character, you have to walk around and be that assh*le everyday. That’s too bad for you man.”

Recently it’s been suggested that Diaz could be a participant in Strikeforce’s upcoming middleweight tournament which Mayhem is also being lined up for, but it doesn’t sound like that’s in the welterweight champions plans at this stage.

“Why don’t you come down to 170 and see what’s up. You can’t even make weight at 170 so why are you talking sh*t dude?”

See Diaz full response below.

Nick Diaz


  1. The video link for Diaz is broken, claiming to be private and needing an invite.
    Just sayin’. I don’t even want to watch it, I agree with Mayhem and think that the brawl wouldn’t have happened if the Diaz brothers weren’t in the cage. Mayhem didn’t charge or look to fight anyone, he just wanted to stir thing up.

  2. Hmm, sorry about that, it was working fine earlier but I guess Diaz had second thoughts about it. I transcribed the most notable parts of what he had to say, so you didn’t miss much.


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