Nick Diaz Camp Very Confident For GSP fight

After watching their protoge tear through BJ Penn last night Nick Diaz camp were understandably on a high and were feeling confident that he will do the same when he finally gets the opportunity to fight for the welterweight title against Georges St.Pierre at Superbowl Weekend next year.

See below as Diaz manager Cesar Gracie and boxing coach Richard Perez discuss his chances against the champion in the aftermath of last night’s event.

Nick Diaz Manager Cesar Gracie:

“It’s five rounds with Nick Diaz, and that’s a long to have that guy in a cage with you, you know what I mean? Three rounds is long enough, five rounds is very tough. And I know GSP is a great athlete, he’s a great black belt, but Nick Diaz is an animal! So, I think that’s going to be the biggest fight in the history of the UFC, I really do.”

Nick Diaz Boxing Coach Richard Perez:

“Can’t wait, can’t wait,” Perez said with a grin when asked about the fight, and he’s not worried about GSP’s wrestling abilities.

“Nick, he works out with wrestlers from state colleges and stuff, so, he has some good ones and some old-timers so he works on wrestling too besides jiu-jitsu and boxing and everything else he does so he he’s prepared.”


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