Nick Diaz Critical Of Potential Strikeforce Opponents

During the post-fight interviews following his successful welterweight title victory over Marius Zaromskis, Nick Diaz was in typically outspoken mood.

On this occasion the Strikeforce organization had to shoulder some of the criticism as Diaz questioned the quality of the fighters in the roster that were being suggested as potential opponents for him.

“They keep bringing me these guys that, nobody even knows who they are,” he told the assembled media.

One such fighter is Jay Heiron, who defeated Joe Riggs in an undercard fight at the Strikeforce: Miami event.

“I’d rather fight someone that’s a little more important than Jay Hieron, his fight wasn’t even on the main card. Why am I going to fight him when no one saw it? I don’t even know who he is,” Diaz said when asked who he would be facing next.”

Another possibility is K.J Noons who handed Diaz the last defeat on his record back in November of 2007.  Diaz appears similarly unenthused at the prospect of a rematch.

“Who is Noons? He hasn’t fought in forever. This guy doesn’t even fight anymore. He quit. He’s scared. What’s he going to do, is he going to fight or what?”

So who does he want to fight?  Diaz had a suggestion, though it might be a little bit difficult for Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker to arrange it.

“Yeah, I’ll fight Georges St.Pierre.”

Clearly on a roll, Diaz also decided to drop in the fact that he wants to get paid more.

“I’ll fight whoever you want me to – you just pay me more money.  Whoever your going to pay me the most money to fight, I’m gonna fight.”

Overall it wasn’t the kind of post-fight comments that Strikeforce would have been hoping for from their newly crowned welterweight champion.

As we reported yesterday a new potential opponent has now been suggested by Scott Coker as a possibility – Hayoto “Mach” Sakurai.

Whether that will be a name that gets meets with Diaz’s approval or not remains to be seen.


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