At today’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference Dana White dropped a bombshell – UFC 137’s main event star Nick Diaz has been cut from his title fight with Georges St.Pierre.

The reason – a series of no-shows from the fighter during a press tour this week in Canada and the US.

According to White, Diaz failed to show up to a media tour in Canada yesterday, then phoned and apologized and requested to be booked on a later flight. He then also failed to appear again and did not return a phone call from White.

Remarkably after a third flight was booked at the request of Diaz’ manager Cesar Gracie he failed to show for a third and final time to the fury of the UFC president.

White states that in all his years of promoting the UFC this has never happened before. To put things into perspective he revealed that on flights alone Diaz has cost them $15,000 over the past few days.

As a result Diaz has been pulled from the fight and in a brief video presentation it was revealed that GSP will now fight Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 137.

It appears that this decision has come together in the past few hours as St.Pierre himself admitted that he only heard the news minutes ago and is still in shock.

White also revealed that the news is so fresh that even Condit’s previously scheduled opponent BJ Penn does not know the switch has happened.

Despite removing him from the event White confirmed that so far Diaz has not been cut from the promotion, but he’s not sure what he’ll do next.

The story almost continued to unfold live for the cameras as White suddenly revealed that Diaz manager Cesar Gracie was calling him and he decided to answer in front of everybody.

After listening intently White arranged to phone him back later and then revealed to the audience that Gracie agrees with the decision to cut Diaz from the fight and admitted that he was “embarassed” by what has happened.

According to Gracie the fighter had in fact been at his house at one stage, but had snuck out during the night. Since then Gracie had been up all night trying to find him, but Diaz has to all intents and purpose “gone into hiding,”.

Towards the end of the presser White admitted that he was leaning towards cutting the fighter, commenting that, “I’d have to assume that we will let him go.”