Nick Diaz has released a new video in which he reacts to the news that he’s been pulled from his UFC 137 title fight with Georges St.Pierre after failing to turn up to a number of media engagements this week including a pre-fight press conference yesterday.

His manager Cesar Gracie told several media sources on Wednesday that he believed the only way forward for Diaz was to make a grovelling apology to UFC President Dana White, but remarkably, despite causing major problems for the UFC behind the scenes over the past few days Diaz appears completely unrepentant about his actions.

“I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant,” Diaz says sarcastically at one point, the closest he comes to an apology in a rambling two and a half minute blog.

He does however insist that, “I’ve never not showed up for a fight and I’ve never backed out of a fight in my life. That’s not what I do.”

As far as the UFC now giving the fight to Carlos Condit goes, Diaz says, “I think that’s ridiculous”, and implies that this is just away for the UFC to save some money.

At this stage Diaz appears to be completely oblivious to the damage he’s caused. As Dana White revealed at the pre-fight presser, in missed flights alone the fighter has cost the UFC $15,000, while the idea that the UFC are saving money goes completely out the window when you consider that the promotion has to foot the bill for all the tickets, posters, promo videos, etc that will go to waste as a result of this title fight being scrapped.

So what comes next for the controversial fighter?

“I’ll fight whoever, whatever, anything,” Diaz states. “I’d rather fight GSP of course, but I was ready to do some boxing.”

Diaz is still locked into his UFC contract though which would make a boxing bout out of the question. Having said that there’s still a strong possibility that he will be fired in the coming days, with Dana White stating that he needs time to give it some serious thought.

If they do release him then the question is whether any major boxing promoters would want to be involved with Diaz given his erratic behaviour. It’s also highly unlikely that they would be able to offer him the same pay he would have got for a fight with GSP.

Check out the full video response below.