According to Dana White a rematch between new interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz is in the works, less than a week after the two fought to a controversial decision in Las Vegas.

Following the bout Diaz had declared that he was retiring due to his frustration at the result, while Condit suggested that he wouldn’t be looking to entertain a rematch, but it appears they’ve since had a change of heart.

“The rumor is true. Carlos did accept the fight today,” White declared on Twitter, adding that the new champ would be meeting with him on Friday in Las Vegas to iron out the details.

Interestingly, according to White it was ‘The Natural Born Killer’ who wanted the fight, while despite his post-fight declaration that he was hanging up his gloves the UFC president also stated that Diaz asked for the rematch backstage at UFC 143.

It’s a risky move for Condit who was essentially guaranteed a fight with Georges St.Pierre when he returns from injury if he had been willing to wait, but it appears that the public outcry over the decision and his evasive, counter-striking gameplan in some quarters may have fueled his desire to prove himself the better fighter against the former Strikeforce champion for a second time.

Overall this is very good news indeed for the UFC. For one thing it brings Diaz, one of their most marketable stars, back from the brink of retirement. It also gives them a very big fight to promote in the coming months, either on pay-per-view, or perhaps even on FOX, and keeps alive the prospect of a blockbuster Diaz Vs GSP fight before the end of the year.