Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz’ future has been the subject of much debate in recent weeks, with the controversial star suggesting that he was fed up with MMA and wanted to try his luck in the boxing ring.

However, after witnessing his team-mate Jake Shields lose to the UFC’s welterweight champ GSP on Saturday night, Diaz has revealed that he now wants to fight him next.

“I didn’t know if they’d be talking about that or not, but let me get in there with that guy (GSP), you know?” Diaz told GroundAndPoundTV after the event. “I’d like to start getting paid up here, I’d like to get that fight or I’d like to make something happen here. Something different, something big, you know?”

Diaz is not the only one who’d like to see that fight happen. In fact even UFC president Dana White mentioned it as a possibility when asked who St.Pierre would fight next at the UFC 129 post-fight press conference.

Meanwhile UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta asked fans on Twitter after the event whether they wanted to see a GSP Vs Diaz or GSP Vs Anderson Silva fight next, and the results told their own story.

“Overwhelming response for GSP/DIAZ interesting,” Fertitta noted later the next day.

Of course there’s one major stumbling block here, and that is that Diaz only just signed a new contract with Showtime prior to Zuffa taking over Strikeforce. That means it’s not going to be quite as easy as simple as bringing Diaz into the UFC fold, and so far Dana White has been against having co-promotional events between the UFC and Strikeforce.

Nevertheless, White will be visiting Diaz in his native Stockton this week to discuss what comes next for the always entertaining fighter, and it’ll be very intriguing to find out what the outcome of hat meeting will be.

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  1. I dig Nick Diaz, always a great competitor; tough/ fun to watch- but he’s about a non-interviewin’ fool if ever there was one.

  2. Nick’s interviews are definitely tough to listen to at times, but on the other hand, whether it’s calling out MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, declaring he’s going to compete in boxing, or that he wants to fight GSP, there’s always a story in there somewhere.

    It sometimes takes a few listens to find the story in amongst all the ‘you know what I mean’s’ and ‘whatever’s’ though!

  3. I wasnt impressed with Nick Diaz before he left the UFC like a little bitch after he got beat by Sanchez back sometime ago… Hes bitching that he wants to make something happen and make money, maybe he should have been a bigger man than he obviously isnt and colled his jets thinking he didnt need the UFC. And after the sheilds fight whats the point of seeing diaz vs gsp. Diaz couldnt take GSP anymore than sheilds could take GSP; in other words – “boring 5 round fight” With GSP`s hand raised of which im not paying to see Diaz in a main event so he can Quote “make money”… Ya, hes the chump i mean champ in strikeforce, but when you come to the UFC its a whole different story unless your from the wec…

  4. He will Present many problems to gsp specially if gsp fights him like he fought shields! I think nick will knock him out second round.

  5. It’ll definitely be a risky one for GSP if he tries to stand with Diaz.

    Personally I don’t think St.Pierre will though. He usually targets where he’s strongest compared to his opponent, and on this occasion that means outwrestling Diaz. I could see this one going the distance.