Nick Diaz is facing a potential year’s suspension from mixed martial arts after testing positive for marijuana during a post-fight drugs test at UFC 143 last weekend, but it appears that there will still be a place for him on the UFC roster when he returns.

During a question and answer session with fans last night UFC CEO lorenzo Fertitta stated, “he will be back” when asked about the former Strikeforce fighter’s future in the promotion.

“Really like the kid just needs to get it together. I’m a sap for real fighters,” Fertitta told another fan.

Being in “the Nick Diaz business” brings plenty of risks for the promotion – less than a year after his return to the UFC he’s already given them more headaches than most fighters do in an entire career, but there have been rewards too.

The fact that 400,000 people bought Saturday night’s pay-per-view event indicates that Diaz’s polarazing antics outside the Octagon combined with his fighting abilities inside of it are turning him into a genuine draw.

At a time when the UFC is running short of fighters who can elevate their numbers like that it makes Diaz a problem worth having, and therefore it appears they are going to continue to be willing to forgive and forget.