No News From Dana May Be Bad News For Brock Lesnar’s Health

At the UFC 108 post-fight press conference last weekendDana White told reporters that current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar would be going for a thorough check-up by a doctor to assess how his Diverticulitis condition is progressing.  The diagnosis was expected to help determine whether the star still has a future in the sport, and if so, how quickly he could return to fighting.

Since then news on his condition has been hard to come by.

Worryingly, on Monday the UFC announced that a heavyweight interim title fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin would indeed be put into place.  This appeared to dampen hopes that Lesnar was set to make a speedy recovery and would be ready to fight in the summer.

With the week about to draw to a close no official word has been released.  When approached today by, Dana White was remaining uncharacteristically tight-lipped on the situation.

“Brock asked me not to talk about it.  I have to respect that,” he said via text message.

When asked if there was anything he could divulge about his present condition White’s response only served to set more alarm bells ringing.

“No comment.  First time in nine years I have ever said that.”

There’s an old saying that ‘no news is good news’ but that may me disproven in this instance.  All the signs now point to Lesnar having to take, at the very least, a lengthy lay-off from the sport that could be measured in years rather than weeks or months, or in the worst case scenario, end his career altogether.

Brock Lesnar has always sought privacy outside of the his fighting career, and it is to be expected that at a time like this he would want to keep his personal health issues to himself.

Unfortunately for him his position as a major star in the UFC and beyond means that the level of interest in his current situation is only going to increase until definitive news has been released.

In the mean time we can only wish him well and hope that his health is improving and that one day he can get back to 100% and make a return to fight in the UFC.


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