Long-serving Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Keizer has announced that he is to resign and return to work at the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

Keizer has been the subject of controversy in MMA circles over the years, particularly with regards to the standard of judging and refereeing in Nevada, the UFC’s home state.

Despite a number of high profile incidents in both MMA and boxing, Keizer has steadfastly refused to critize the officials chosen to oversee events in the state, and indeed has continued to use some even after they appear to have made numerous questionable decisions.

UFC president Dana White has been an outspoken critic, as has MMA refereeing pioneer ‘Big’ John McCarthy who found himself blacklisted from officiating MMA events in the state as a result of his disagreements with Keizer.

On the other hand, Keizer did spearhead a tougher stance on drugs and improved fighter safety protocols during his tenure in the fight capital of the world.

Keizer officially steps down on January 27th and his replacement has not yet been announced.