Cain Velasquez made waves last year when he seized the UFC heavyweight championship from Brock Lesnar in dominant fashion, but unfortunatley a torn rotator cuff has kept him out of action ever since.

The good news however is that Velasquez is on the mend, and will make his first title defense before the end of the year.

“Cain’s good. He’s coming along great,” Dana White told MMAWeekly yesterday. “He’s actually going to be here for this fight. I think we were talking about him in October.”

When he does return Velasquez will face the winner of June’s Brock Lesnar Vs Junior Dos Santos fight, and it’s interesting to note that on the eve of the UFC’s first ever stadium show, White isn’t ruling out the possibility of another one being put together for that title fight.

“I think stadium shows are going to be one off shows. Every time there’s a huge, great fight, I think GSP vs. Anderson Silva if that fight happened, would be a stadium show. Depending on who wins out of Dos Santos and Lesnar against our heavyweight champion, could be a big fight, so who knows,” White says.

The implication there is that it would have to be Lesnar who wins to justify such a large-scale event. There’s no indication of where such a show would take place, but White is known to be an admirer of the Dallas Cowboy’s high-tech stadium after watching a Manny Pacquiao Vs Joshua Clottey boxing match there last year.