Up and coming Asian promotion ONE FC put out a press release today that reveals that while they may have only held one event so far they are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that they are going to become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

The most signficant announcement was a series of “exclusive partnerships” with a number of other MMA promotions in Asia and Australia as can be seen below.

  • URCC (Philippines)
  • Cage Fighting Championship (Australia)
  • ROAD Fighting Championship (Korea)
  • DARE Fightsports (Thailand)

It’s also being reported that ONE FC may also be attempting to form a partnership with the current leading light in the Asian mixed martial arts scene, DREAM, though that is just speculation at this stage.

In addition ONE FC have also formed alliances with another of the top gyms and fight teams in Asia:

  • Team Lakay Wushu (Philippines)
  • Tiger Muay Thai (Thailand)
  • Tigers Gym (India), Evolve MMA (Singapore)
  • Legacy Gym (Thailand)
  • Tough MMA (Taiwan)
  • Synergy Jiu-Jitsu (Indonesia)
  • Juggernaut FC (Singapore)
  • Fightworks Asia (Singapore)
  • PAK MMA (Pakistan)
  • Team Force (Korea)
  • MuayFit (Malaysia)
  • Leverage MMA (Malaysia)

Beyond that rather lengthy list the promotion claims that it is also talking to a further 23 other MMA organizations and gyms.

Of course they need to put all these connections to good use, and the press release also confirms that they have three major events planned across Asia for the early months of 2012, visiting Indonesia in February, Singapore in March and Malaysia in April.