What’s the real reason that a rematch between UFC 143 headline stars Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit appeared to be on course earlier in the week and yet all of a sudden was then declared dead in the water?

At this stage we don’t have an official answer, but mixed messages from Diaz manager Cesar Gracie who suggests that Diaz would fight Condit again in a heartbeat, yet has declared that there’s no chance the fight will happen due to an as-yet undisclosed “issue” has sent the internet rumor-mill into a frenzy.

Now, Keith Keizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission has announced that an as-yet unnamed fighter has tested positive during a pre-fight drugs test.

“I am still awaiting all the steroid and drug test results to come back [from UFC 143]. We did have at least one positive test. I will send out an email later today on that matter.”

For now we’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on who that fighter may be, but stay tuned for the full details once we have official word on the matter.