Over One Million PPV Buys Now Estimated For UFC 114

Earlier this month Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that initial estimates suggested that the much hyped UFC 114: Rampage Vs Evans fight had drawn in the region of 925,000 pay-per-view buys.

In his latest newsletter he says that figure has now been revised, and that it is now believed to stand at 1,050,000 PPV sales.

If that is indeed the case then the event would be tied in second place with UFC 66: Liddell Vs Ortiz 2 as the highest PPV buy-rate in the promotions history.

1. UFC 100: 1.6 million PPV sales

2. UFC 66: 1.05 million PPV Sales

–   UFC 114: 1.05 million PPV Sales

3.  UFC 92: 1 million PPV Sales

UFC 114’s figures are the highpoint in what’s been a successful period for the promotion with their last five events now breaking the 500,000 sales barrier.

  • UFC 111: GSP Vs Hardy / Carwin Vs Mir -770,000
  • UFC 112: Silva Vs Maia / Penn Vs Edgar – 500,000
  • UFC 113: Machida Vs Shogun 2 – 520,000
  • UFC 114: Rampage Vs Evans – 1,050,000
  • UFC 115: Liddell Vs Franklin – 520,000

The buy rates had been considerably lower than that in the months prior to this which had left some observers to voice concerns that the sports rapid growth had plateaued.   The real reason was that the promotion had been hit with an injury crisis which saw many of the UFC’s top stars and champions sidelined and as a result considerably weakened a number of their events.

UFC 111 at the end of March was seen as the first event in some time where they had a full compliment of fighters at their disposal allowing them to put on a welterweight title fight between GSP and Dan Hardy, plus an interim heavyweight title bout between Shane Carwin and Frank Mir.  They’ve continued with that momentum through to the present day and the results speak for themselves.

The current run of good fortune looks set to continue through the summer months with the upcoming UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin event another strong contender to break the million sales barrier while UFC 118’s Penn Vs Edgar 2 and Couture vs Toney bouts should also play well.  The only question mark is whether UFC 117’s Silva Vs Sonnen main event will continue the trend after many fans were left disgruntled by Silva’s performance at UFC 112.

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