Pat Barry And John Madsen Praise Training Partner Brock Lesnar

UFC fighters Pat Barry and Jon Madsen have been training with Brock Lesnar ahead of his showdown with Cain Velasquez tonight at UFC 121, and it’s fair to say both men are full of admiration for the heavyweight champion.

“I’ve already been convinced that Brock Lesnar is the scariest dude on earth, but this is beyond scary,” fellow heavyweight contender Pat Barry tells the Star Tribune. “Like, what he’s capable of doing – he’s faster than he’s ever been, he’s stronger than he’s ever been, he’s leaner than he’s ever been, his cardiovascular conditioning is out the window. Like he’s all around…his striking game has improved tremendously. His reflexes are like the fastest…it’s inconceivable what a man of that size can do.”

Jon Madsen, who also fights at tonight’s UFC 121 event is in agreement.

“His power, athleticism, agility and just his mental state of mind – he knows he’s a mean dude and he wants to punch you in the face – so it gives him an edge, all those things.”

And Madsen has a stark warning for Lesnar’s opponent too.

“Cain’s got to worry about Brock even touching him in the face. I mean if Brock even reaches out and touches him once it’s going to rock him or knock him out, so he’s got to be on his toes and moving, and we’ll see if he’s in as good shape as they say.”

Watch the full interview with the two fighters below.