Pat Barry Broke His Hand And Foot Against Cro Cop

Pat Barry got the chance to fight with his idol Mirko Cro Cop last night, but it came at the cost of a defeat on his record, and a broken hand and foot.

“Broke hand in first Broke something in foot in first or second,” Barry revealed on twitter after the fight.

He also offered up a frank assessment of his performance.

“it sucks to say, but I panicked last night after I knew my hand and foot were done. I burned out trying to end it with power hits.”

On the bright side, at least Barry now has plenty of room on his casts for Cro Cop to give him an autograph!

His personality has won him a lot of fans in the build up and aftermath of his fight with the PRIDE legend, and so that ensures that he should maintain his place on the UFC roster for some time to come.


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