Pat Barry handed Joey Beltran a painful lesson in the power of leg kicks this evening on his way to victory at UFC Fight For The Troops 2.

Barry and Beltran started off cautiously stalking each other, but before long Beltran’s gameplan became apparent – to close the distance and attempt to grapple with the dangerous kickboxer. Pressing him up against the fence for much of the round Beltran’s best work came from knees, but a couple strayed to the groin of Barry forcing a brief stoppage. When Barry did get some brief moments out of his opponents clutches he was able to land a few heavy leg kicks, and even this early in the fight they were clearly having an effect.

Much of the second round played out in the same fashion, with Barry landing chopping leg kicks and the occasional head kick when given the room to do so, while Beltran was able to close the distance for long periods and rough him up against the cage. In the closing stages of the round Barry’s kicks were really starting to take their toll as his opponent bravely pressed forward but was clearly in pain.  Surprisingly ‘HD’ didn’t go in for the kill though and continued to work at a methodical pace, which no doubt was a relief to his adversary.

In the final round Barry was still remaining patientand didn’t come out all guns blazing for the finish, but with every thudding leg kick he landed was visibly chipping away at Beltran’s ability to simply keep standing, let alone mount effective offense. ‘The Mexicutioner’ is as game as they come though and refused to quit, even when an inadvertent eye poke in the final minutes left him struggling to see out of his right eye.

Though he fought on after a break he was now merely surviving and Barry capitalized, sinking more heavy, heavy leg kicks into his already badly hurt leg until the final bell mercifully sounded.

It took a while to really show, but Barry’s superior striking was the difference in the end and allowed him to claim a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).