Pat Barry Is Keen To See Joey Beltran’s Leg After Laying Siege To It Last Night

Pat Barry is known to have some of the heaviest leg kicks in the sport, and last night he used them to chop away at Joey Beltran’s leg for three rounds.

Somehow Beltran remained standing – barely at times – until the final bell, but the damage he sustained helped Barry secure a unanimous decision victory.

“That guy’s a zombie man, a real life zombie,” Barry said backstage in amazement at Beltran’s refusal to give up.

Sometimes fighters can be too tough for their own good though, and Barry, who’s stopped several of his previous opponents by leg kicks, suspects that Beltran is going to be paying for his bravery in the coming days.

“You know what, honestly, I’m curious to see – not Sunday, but Monday – I’d love to see a picture of his leg.”

Despite his victory some might suggest that Barry didn’t appear to be firing on all cylinders. Though he doesn’t go into specifics, ‘HD’ admits that there is still work to be done on his overall MMA game.

“In my fight I can already tell what I need to go back and work on. From the first round I know exactly what it is I need to work on, things I need to get better at. I’ve still got a bad kickboxing habit that I have that is getting better, it’s getting a lot better than it was in the beginning, my first six MMA fights, it’s getting better, I’m growing from it, but I already know what it is.”

After the fight Barry gave an emotional speech to the troops, telling him that the dog tags he was carrying were those of his dead father. Backstage he talked more about what they mean to him.

“It’s our most prized possession, man. There’s nothing, that’s it. My brother, my sister, my mother and I. I mean I’ve got a glorious step-dad who’s been around for 20 years, but my biological father, this is our most prized possession. We don’t wear any other jewelry. No rings, watches, ear-rings, piercings, tattoos – nothing. Just this one dog tag and that’s it.”


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