Patrick Cummins Defeats Antonio Carlos Jr By Decision At UFC Fight Night 58

Patrick Cummins outwrestled Antonio Carlos Jr, avoiding the occasional submission attempt along the way, tonight at UFC Fight Night 58 to earn himself a unanimous decision victory on the scorecards.

Round One:

Carlos Jr with punches as Cummins moves in on an unsuccessful takedown attempt. Right hook from Carlos Jr and they clinch up. Carlos Jr with a knee from this position and they jockey for position.

Cummins with a trip takedown and into his opponents full guard. Into half guard and Carlos Jr goes for a leg lock. Cummins gets out of that attempt, but not for long – Carlos Jr is in on another leg lock attempt here. Cummins surviving so far, but unable to get his leg out of danger.

Finally Cummins manages to get out, but Carlos Jr stays on his back and Cummins opts to drop back down into his guard.

Again the Brazilian attacks a leg, but Cummins blasts out of it with ground and pound. Into full guard, lands a couple of punches to the head and then nicely moves to side control. He starts dropping down some elbows to the head.

Carlos Jr gets back to full guard, but eats a big punch in the process and that’s the last action of the round.

Round Two:

Hard kick from Carlos Jr. He looks for a takedown, but Cummins sprawls on top of him and switches around to the back of his now turtled up opponent.

They transition with Cummins now in half guard. Cummins stands then drops back in with punches into full guard. More punches to the face follow, then gets to half guard. Suddenly Carlos Jr is back to that heel hook again, but Cummins manages to break free then gets down into side control.

He’s back up and down again a couple of times and Carlos Jr works back to his feet. Cummins pressing forward with punches and Carlos Jr attempts a spinning kick that doesn’t find the target.

Cummins tries to hoist up his opponent via a single leg, but Carlos Jr kicks off him and gets away. However as the Brazilian tries to attack Cummins ducks under and gets a smooth takedown.

Final seconds of the round and Carlos Jr lands an illegal upkick that forces a brief stoppage.

Round Three:

Carlos Jr with a knee strikes as Cummins ducks into a takedown attempt that doesn’t work out. Cummins continues to pressure though and it pays off with a takedown soon after and he gets back into half guard.

He starts targeting the body with punches. Working in a few elbows and now still looking for ground and pound opportunities.

Carlos Jr rolls and Cummins has his back. He rolls to his back again and Cummins gets to full mount. Carlos Jr does well to use the cage to get out of that precarious position, but Cummins remains on top in his guard.

Carlos Jr suddenly up with Cummins aiming a big uppercut in his direction. Now it’s Carlos Jr who’s in on a big takedown and manages to quickly take Cummins back. There’s only seconds left though and Cummins manages to fend off a late submission attempt.


Too little, too late from Carlos Jr and it’s Cummins who earns the unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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