If you wondered where the blood was coming from during the Phil Davis Vs Tim Boetsch fight at UFC 123 last weekend then the picture below will tell you all you need to know.

Davis himself admits he didn’t realize how bad the injury was until much later after having secured the victory by second round submission.

“This is how bad it didn’t hurt… it didn’t hurt at all,” Davis tells MMAWeekly. “You walk off the stage, and the doctor’s like, ‘does anything hurt?’ I’m like, ‘no bro, I feel awesome, I just won.’ Then you go into the back and the doctor’s ask again like, ‘is anything hurt?’ They sit you down; they’re checking you out. I missed it, the UFC doctors missed it, and we saw a little blood trickling, but neither I nor the doctor had any idea it was as bad as it was.”

The two inch cut, which was believed to have opened during a clash of legs during the fight, was so deep it required 36 stitches. Davis counts himself lucky as if it hadn’t been spotted an infection could easily have set in.

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